Uoline Tactical Portable LED Flashlight (caution: you’ve been warned)

Uoline Tactical Portable LED Flashlight Review

Do you enjoy hunting dust bunnies?

Have you been trying to find a lost sock in the dark area behind your dryer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Uoline Tactical Portable LED Flashlight might be a product that could make your life a bit easier.

Then, again, it may not.

The Uoline is the same light as the Wsky and a host of other self-branded lights. All inexpensive Chinese lights that are flooding the marketplace.

Here’s what others won’t tell you and what I stated in my review of Wsky. 

For those wondering what’s going on, here’s the story: Chinese manufacturers produce a number of products which can be purchased in bulk, at huge discounts and even customized. For example, you can find these lights on the Internet in China for between $1 and $3.50 each if you purchase 100 or more units. Additionally, you can have them customized to add your logo to the light. Then, you take delivery and ship them to Amazon under their fulfillment by Amazon program. Here they are featured on Amazon and sold for, let’s say $12.99, and after paying $1 and probably around $2 or so to Amazon for fulfillment and shipping, you end up with around $10 in profit per light.

Not bad!

But then again, you get what you pay for.




Unfortunately, this is the very same review as my Wsky review. A cheap plastic lens that scratches, a weird battery configuration, no reflector cone and generally a cheap and undependable light. Suitable for hunting dust bunnies only. Here are some images for you to review.

Plastic lens instead of mineral glass and anti-reflective coating – see the scratches?
Look mom – no reflector cone.
Plastic container for battery.


What does a quality tactical light look like?

Well, first of all, here’s a breakdown of the construction and components of a quality light.




As compared to Uoline, quality lights utilize a mineral glass window lens. Cheap plastic scratches and does not allow for the full strength of the light to be used. Quality lights have reflector cones behind their glass which shapes and manages the light beam. The Uoline doesn’t even have a reflector cone. Additionally, good lights use official Cree LED’s  which have quality control enhancements which coordinate the batteries and the power control chips to produce a rated lumens that is true and accurate. The Uoline for example, and for that matter all of the cheaper lights will claim a lumens brightness that is way over stated. But, then again, no one is looking so they can easily get away with that. You’re the one that is duped. 1200 lumens are truer sometimes to 200 lumens.



If you know anything about me and this site, you’ll know that I don’t recommend this light.


I’m sorry, but it’s the same low priced, low-quality light with yet another name.

My mission is not to cause anyone harm but to inform, as best I can.



As I’ve stated before, when I first started working on this site there were a number of posts about what turned out to be the same low-quality tactical lights. This quickly became evident and the information was updated and corrected.

I want you to know what’s available and understand the differences. If you want to hunt dust bunnies under your couch, this is the light for you. But, if you want to hunt outdoors or identify intruders in your home, you will be better served by learning more and looking at other options.

This site is full of reviews. recommendations and advice on all sorts of tactical gear. Spend some time learning what makes a good tactical light by reading this post or learn about some of the best everyday carry products here. Additionally, learn how to Choose the Best Tactical Flashlight here. Finally, I have a whole section on Recommended Gear that discusses and reviews not only tactical flashlights but other quality tactical gear.

There are so many quality lights out there, don’t waste your time or money on this light. It just isn’t worth it.

There’s a wealth of information that I hope you truly benefit in this site. What’s more, you and your family will benefit from this knowledge.

Always be prepared. Be well.

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