Klarus tactical flashlight

Tactical Lights reviewed by TactBright

The following lists the tactical lights reviewed by TactBright.

If you want an even more comprehensive listing of tactical and other type flashlights that will meet your specific needs, check out the Definitive Guide to Tactical Flashlights here.

TactBright Tactical Flashlight Finder

Search or Sort for your flashlight needs. Links under "Model" are to Tactbright Reviews. Price links are to Amazon (note: prices change often.) The "*" in Notes refer to similar models of questionable quality - check the review before you buy.
MakeModelLength "Weight ozLumensStrbBatteryAmazonNotes
StreamlightProTac 1L4.252.50300yCR123A AA39.99
FenixPD253.701.70550yCR123A 1634057.45
KlarusMi73.430.93700yAA 1450029.95
SurefireTitan Plus4.002.82300yAAA80.99
StreamlightPolyTac X5.465.60600yCR123A 1865046.64
FenixPD355.403.101000yCR123A 1865080.51
KlarusMi1C2.150.95600yCR123A 1634069.95
WskyS20005.1010.40N/AyAAA 1865014.79*
ElitePro 300N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A*
SurefireG2X Pro5.204.48320nCR123A80.78
KlarusXT1A4.202.171000yAA 1450049.95
MagliteML300LX11.7526.40625n3-D Cell43.76
UolineUOL-025.1010.401000yAAA 186507.98*
NitecoreHC903.394.59900yCR123A 18650129.95headlamp
SureFireM6005.504.801000nCR123A284.00rail mount
NitecoreMT10A4.252.14920yAA 1450049.00
StreamlightTLR-1 HL3.394.18800yCR123A119.95rail mount
StreamlightProTac HL-X5.405.60750yCR123A60.75
StreamlightProTac Rail 25.436.401000yCR123A 18650106.89rail mount


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