Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light 800 Lumens with Strobe Review

Streamlight’s Best Weapon Mount Light

Gun Mounted Tactical Lights

Since most intrusions happen at night, and since you absolutely have to be able to identify any subject, you must have a gun mounted tactical light.

The Streamlight Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight may just be the perfect fit!

Streamlight Mounted Tactical Light with Glock 199X



  • C4 LED provides 800 lumens and 12,000-candela peak beam intensity
  • safely holds a wide range of weapons
  • no hands needed from muzzle upon attaching or detaching, with the one-handed snap-on and tighten interface
  • comes with a shock-mounted glass lens
  • comprised of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum, together with shock-mounted glass lens and anodized finish
  • has TIR optic that gives a concentrated beam, plus optimal peripheral lighting



The Streamlight Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight features C4 LED technology that is resistant to shock and will last for 50,000 hours. Its power comes from two CR123A lithium batteries, that each has three volts and a storage life of 10 years.

Also, its LED rating has a peak beam intensity of 12,000 candelas, while its measured output reaches 800 lumens. In addition, its TIR optic emits a concentrated beam, together with optimal peripheral lighting.

Further, you can use this tactical flashlight for 2.5 hours, as that is its regulated run time. And its solid state current regulation ensures a consistent illumination level.

What’s more, it can provide a blast of light that contains 800 lumens for maximum illumination, during activities like searching an alley or clearing a room. No worries as well whenever you are in the dark because this product’s wide beam pattern can illuminate huge areas for easy identification of people or things nearby.

Another thing is that it is ambidextrous, steady or momentary. Plus, all you need to do is double tap the momentary paddle in order to activate the strobe. If you own a wide array of weapons, this tactical flashlight can safely fit all of them as well.

Likewise, it contains keys for Beretta 90 two, Glock-style, S&W 99, S&W TSW and Picatinny. And speaking of Glock-style and Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) rails, this product can mount straight to handguns that have the two mentioned rails.

There is a tighten and snap-on interface too, that you can access with just one hand, to keep both hands away from the muzzle whenever you are attaching or detaching the light.

What also makes this tactical flashlight high quality is that it is made of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum, containing a shock-mounted glass lens, as well as anodized finish.

No problems as well concerning battery door loss and battery replacement, thanks to the tethered battery door and latch mechanism that prevents and assists the two matters. Easily enable or disable the user programmable strobe and enjoy its limited lifetime warranty.



Some customers were quite concerned about the battery door failing, in the area where the metal clip fastens to it. Additionally, the failure has not been caused by any impactful drop or shock; it just happens even if the product is simply put aside or after removing the gun from the holster.

Others then advised not to use this product for a shotgun because it can’t handle the recoil and tends to fly off the mount. It is better used on a pistol since the operation is convenient and simple.

Another issue is that it is not sturdy enough, breaking off after just a few uses. Also, it looks like almost everyone who experienced this pointed out the same area where the failure occurs: at the light toggle and battery cap, which looks like a sign that the cap locking mechanism was not manufactured carefully.




Even with the minor disadvantages, the Streamlight Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight is very much recommendable. For one, the light is really bright, something that majority of the customers love about this product.

The strobe light activation feature gets a thumbs-up too because it is so easy to operate: simply tap the switch on the left side twice to put it into strobe mode and just drop down the hold-on switch at the right side to keep it on.

And if you want a beam so bright even from a distance of over 100 feet, then this product will provide you a literal spotlight, especially with fresh batteries, because of its LED rating having 800 lumens measured output and 12,000-candela peak beam intensity. Also, the power provided by its two three-volt CR123A lithium batteries is quite efficient, having a storage life of 10 years.

Moreover, being made of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum that includes shock-mounted glass lens and anodized finish makes it worth your money. You can keep both two hands from the muzzle as well, particularly when you are attaching or detaching, thanks to its one-hand tighten and snap-on interface.

Also, the tethered battery door avoids battery door loss while the latch mechanism helps make battery replacement easy.



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