I'm extremely picky about recommending self-defensive tactical lights because of the nature and importance of their use – saving your life. So many reviews and recommendations seem to devote their priority to a low price and high lumens, but that is short-sighted and dangerous. The fact is, the right defensive tactical light must be high quality with enough lumens that are controlled in a specific and straightforward manner. More on that later.

My Top Picks for Best Self Defense Tactical Lights are:


A best Tactical Flashlight, for self defensive purposes, needs to not only be of the right size but must be quality to be dependable. What shocks most people is that it needs to be simple – just an immediate momentary and permanent bright light with easy access to a strobe. Finally, all of these features need to be accessable from one point of control, preferably a tail switch.

A self defense tactical light needs to be useable in both an everyday carry situation with and without the addition of a handgun.

Unfortunately, not many lights meet these qualifications – the Klarus XT2cr, however, shines in all these areas.

Klarus XT2CR


I have both an article dedicated to reviewing the Klarus XT2cr, as well as a YouTube video. Additionally, there are a number of articles which address the construction of a tactical light and how to choose the right light as well as articles which address the use of these lights.

There are other companies that are starting to come out with tactical lights that really meet the needs discussed above and in the articles on my site, and once reviewed, I will be adding the best ones to this recommendation listing.


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