I'm still a believer that, after a certain size, you will subconsciously work to completely fill any bag, box or other container.  I'm not sure if this is a universal law but it seems to constantly play out in life. To that degree, it is important, especially with respect to visiting the gun range, to have a bag large enough to carry what you need but small enough not to require a valet to carry it in for you. At least that's my goal.


My Top Picks for Best Range Bag are:


The Osage River Tactical Bag is really a special range bag. Especially when compared to a number of other range bag offerings. For some reason, it just appears that the manufacturers have never been to a gun range.

Osage makes two sizes and a number of colors, with enough pockets to place all you range needs without driving you crazy because you've opened up all the zippers and finally discovered your ear set. It is also made with quality materials and looks like it belongs on a range.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag


I have an article devoted to the Osage Range bag that you can review and will continue to recommend range bags and accessories as I review them.


Always be prepared. Be well.