My Top Picks for the Best Outdoor Knives are:


Outdoor knives are one piece, full tang knives sometimes made with tool steel – but for a reason.

If anything typifies an outdoor knive, the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 is that. The knife uses O1 tool steel to maintain an edge with heavy use and to facilatate sparking ferro rods. It's heavy enought to be used to split wood and chop small trees. The size is perfect “according to Dave Canterbury, the author of “Bush Craft 101.” In fact, he participated in its design.

The only complaint with the Spyderco is the sub par sheath that's included with the knife. It's such a popular knife however, that quality sheaths are readily available.

Spyderco Bushcraft


The White River Caper Hunting Knife, generally of SV90 or S35VM steel, is from a family owned business that looks at knife making as both an art and craft and they currently design and build some of the most desired knives available. A fuller review will be published soon, but these knives are outdoor knives without the bulk. Simply sweet knives.

The Caper comes with either a kydex or leather sheath, either of which are stunning.


white river knife


I currently have an article that discusses the various steels used in related knives.

As mentioned, more review will be coming.


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