LED Headlights may be the poor stepbrother to the Tactical Flashlights, but they have also progressed in their capacity and ability over the recent years. As such, they should also be considered for their special applications.


Here are my picks for the Best LED Headlights


The Nitecore HC90 is one of the most highly built headlamps available. Generating from Nitecore, one of the preeminent LED light companies, the unit pushes 900 lumens and uses the commonplace 18650 rechargeable lithium battery.

You can easily see climbing Mount Everest with one of these units and if you did, this would be the headlamp that you would want to rely upon. Clearly a super high quality light.

nitecore headlamp


The Black Diamond Sport doesn't have the same build quality, nor, at 300 lumens, the same brightness level. It is, none the less, an extremely reliable and waterproof (IPX 8) rated headlamp that will can be used in a number of outdoor situations. It also, doesn't have the same sticker shock.

This is a recent generation of Black Diamond headlamps and the increased in power, construction and flexibility continue to shine.

blackdiamond headlamp


I do have an article that compares the Nitecore to two other headlamps that you may find interesting.

Headlamps are unique in that not only do they need the various quality features that apply to other tactical flashlights but their runtime and comfort level takes precedence over brightness.


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