The secret to safely owning a gun and being able to defend against a home invasion is the best handgun safe. Effectively, you need something that is easily accessible to you and completely inaccessible to those you don't wish to have access. There are a number of safes available. Some quickly run out of battery power – obviously a major problem. Others can be opened with a hammer and screwdriver – again, not the kind of situation you had in mind. Here are some safes that are dependable and secure.


My Top Picks for the Best Handgun Safes are:


I actually used a safe before, to which the battery ran out and I have to pry it open to retrieve my handgun. I was successful, however, after considerable research, I quickly replaced all of those safes and replaced them with the SentrySafe Biometric Safe.

I'm convinced that the thicker gauge that this safe is constructed with, would make it near impossible for me to break – and that's what I want. It also have a biometric access which really works. I've tried others and it would take multiple times to work. It also have a combination that can be used in conjunction and finally, it has a key. (Which is kept in another safe.)

The size is right and I am comfortable in recommending the SentrySafe without hesitation.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe


The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is a little different than the Sentry. V-line has been around for a while and they produce completely manual safe lock systems. No batteries, no biometric.

The V-line can be relied upon to secure your handgun and it's construction is such that manually trying to hack it would prove exceedingly challenging if not near impossible. Its size and manual operations make it a great candidate for auto carry.

Vline top drawer gun safe


Both of these safes are covered in more detail in my article on safely owning a handgun at home.  This article covers some additional suggestions that should be read and understood by anyone contemplating owning a gun at home.


Always be prepared. Be well.