If you've tried on a gun belt, you'll recognize immediately the built-in conflict – how to combine some level of comfort with enough stiffness to adequately carry a handgun. Not an easy combination.


Here is my Top Pick for the Best Gun Belt


Kore tactical belt


The key secret to the Kore system is their track system which is built into the back of the belt and which couples with the buckle.

Here's what you should know. The Kore belts come in fashion wear and tactical wear. For now, the tactical belts are only available on Kore's website. The tactical belts are slightly wider 1 1/2″ vs 1 1/4 and the buckles are not interchangeable. There is a nylon version of the fashion wear which is almost as stiff as the tactical belt and can be used as a gun belt with some lighter rigs. At least that's my take and experience.

In any event, I have a more detailed review of this amazing belt and other choices on my website – check it out.


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