Don't let all you first aid supplies be what you left at home in the bathroom. It's critical to develop and have a quality first aid kit available to you where ever you go. To do that you need a working knowledge of first aid, particularly common trauma issues like how to resuscitate and how to stop bleeding, and a first aid kit that will help you save lives – your's and your family.


Here are my Top Picks for the Best First Aid Kits


Many view first aid kits as extra bandaids and aspirins. That's fine for common scrapes and head aches, but out on the road, it knive wounds and car accidents. Bandaids and aspirin simply won't cut it there. You need tourniquets and blood clotting agents. So, in addition to some of the more common kits, make sure you include trauma type packs and understand some basic life saving techniques.

I have an extensive article on this site on first aid and first aid kits that I recommend you review. Like many more difficult and important subjects in life, first aid is really a matter of categorizing the basics to understand the whole.  Inside the above article, I include an infographic that breaks out the common first aid categories in an effort to help with your understanding.


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