The every day carry tactical flashlight category is somewhat between the pocket carry, for size, and defensive tactical, for operations. This is a category which most consider EDC tactical lights. Although the size is small enough for every day carry, and the power is sufficient, the operation requires, outside of momentary and permanent on, two switches. Although this is fine for most things, it is somewhat compromised for tactical usage.

My Top Picks for Best Every Day Carry Tactical Flashlights are:


The MT10A is compact at 5 inches and runs on both one AA or 14500 lithium rechargeablebattery. With 170 lumens for 2 hours and 45 minutes on one AA battery and 920 lumens at 30 minutes on one 14500 battery, you have the option to get more power for the 14500 battery but have the common AA battery as an effective backup. Finally, the MT10A has five power ratings with a sixth as a red light.  A red light allows for very low illumination and works well for night photographers and those wishing not to disturb others.

The tail button controls momentary and permanent on as remembered when last on. Once on, the side button scrolls through the 5 levels and a red light level. Finally, pushing the center of the side button starts the strobe on and off. This only works if the tail button has be set on permanently.

nitecore mt10A tactical flashlight


The Fenix PD25 operates much in the same manner, but uses one CR123a battery. The tail button controls the momentary and permanent on and off, with the side button scrolling through the four levels, and pressing and holding for strobe, again, if the tail button is on.

Fenix PD25


Both of these tactical lights, and others that will be added are super light but somewhat compromised. Most wouldn't know the inherent problem – the requirement in many cases of two separate operations to function fully. You can see, in a defensive situation, where stress is running high, where this would present a significant problem. They are, however, state of the art tactical flashlights and are both powerful and pocketable. For many uses, they are perfectly fine. It's important that you recognize why one light is more appropriate for certain tasks than another.

I go to great lengths to show through my articles how tactical lights are constructed, what features and ratings to select and how to use them for specific purposes. Be sure to also subscribe to my YouTube channel for further reviews and recommendations.


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