Everyday carry may imply different things to different people, but certainly, the characteristics should include a folder that is built with a high-quality steel to hold an edge and be reliable. It would also be developed by a reputable company that provides a lifetime warranty. That, at least, would be the very basics.


My top picks for Best Every Day Carry Knives are:


All three of the recommended knives are from Benchmade, and although I believe there are other reputable companies, I believe the Benchmade Axis lock is simply the easiest and safest folder locking system out there. I've always advocated keeping your fingers off the blade, which is required in a number of other systems. Additionally, the ability to flip open a Benchmade knife with an Axis lock is much simpler than almost any other knife.

The Axis lock, combined with quality steel from a reputable company that offers a lifetime warranty makes my three top recommendations all Benchmade knives.


I discuss the various steels for a number of knives in this article on the TactBright site. In that article, I also recommend a number of other knives related to some of the premium steels. Also, check out the article on knife sharpening as well as my recommended knife sharpeners.


Always be prepared. Be well.