Digital Watches certainly have their place for outdoor and tactical use, but sometimes, there's nothing like an Analog Watch.

My two top picks for Best Analog Tactical Watch are:


I wanted to give you two options, because in this case, you do get what you pay for, but you still really have an option.

Both watches are excellent outdoor tactical watches as well as really nice streetwear watches. The difference in the price is mainly due to the quality of the components.

Luminox watchThe Luminox is really a classic, and is constructed with a polyurethane band and case, and a mineral crystal dial. It uses a Swiss quartz movement and is water
resistant to 200 meters (660 ft). The case diameter is 43 millimeters and 11 millimeters thick. It was first introduced in 1994 in conjunction with the Navy Seals to meet their specificaitons. At it's price point, it is definately a long term watch which will provide years of reliable service.





traser watchThe Traser is similiar in look to the Luminox but is constructed with a stainless steel casing and saphire crystal dial. It also has a glass-fibre reinforced resin bezel and both the case and crystal are definately a step above the Luminox. As is the movement, which on the Traser is a Ronda 517.6 DD Quartz movement. Some of the Traser watches sell for much higher so the H3 is really a bargain for what you get. This is a small investment but for a long term holding period.

Why I choose these two options


I own and use both of these watches and have for years. They've served me extremely well and it's because of their inherent quality. Outside of automatic watches, which almost always are paired with quality component, and reflect that in their price, quartz watches have been largely designed to be appealing to the masses at the lowest possible cost. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and that holds true for tactical gear as well. A few companies have developed their watches to appeal to those interested in quality tactical gear and Luminox and Traser are two of the very few that have moved in that direction. Because of their design purpose and because of my experiences, I recommend both of these without hesitation.




You really can't go wrong with either choice, so the choice is really a matter of style and determining if the additional investment is worth the cost.

For a full review of these, and other watches, as well as a discussion on the construction and functions of a tactical watch, be sure to read my post on choosing the best tactical watch here.

Too many buy the latest cheap Christmas watch from some completely unrelated name brand, year after year. This is an opportunity to get off that merry go round and end up with a long-term investment that will meet both your outdoor tactical needs and everyday dress.