Pro 300 Elite Tactical

Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight by Elite Tactical

Elite Tactical Pro 300


The Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight by Elite Tactical comes with an impressive performance which has been considered by many as military-grade. This is based on the powerful LED bulbs which come with a 1200 Lumen capacity.

This means that you will be able to cover considerable distances with the light beam which can equate to the combined distances of a few football stadiums. The flashlight doesn`t aim to provide too many light modes as its main purpose is to deliver a light beam which can travel further than most alternatives on the market.

Built with a solid construction, the flashlight can also be a great self-defense tool as its materials have been considered military-grade.

The Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight comes with three AA batteries which will power the premium LED bulbs to reach optimum performance so many users need in various situations. The flashlight is perfect for camping but it can also be a great home-use alternative in case of power outages.


So, what’s not to like?


If you’ve read any of my reviews you’ll understand that I cover the truth about all kinds of tactical gear. Unfortunately, there is a flood of lower level products that are essentially sold on price point. By that I mean, cheap.

I have an issue with that.


I believe tactical gear is often used for critical support issues and cheap or unreliable gear is effectively dangerous.

Listen, understandably, most people are concerned about price and quite frankly that’s where much of the lower quality gear wins – they are definitely cost-effective. Additionally, most people are not trained to understand what is important and what is not important in selecting tactical gear. I mean, that’s for the military and first responders – right?

But, that’s where I beg to differ. You see, it all depends on how you will be using the various tactical gear. If it’s checking out a dark corner in your basement, you can use your smartphone for that. But, if it identifying a home invader, you better hope you have more than your smartphone with you.

In fact, you really need a tactical flashlight you can depend your life upon and that of your family.


Fenix PD25


Want an all around, reasonably price tactical light that you can depend on? Here’s the Fenix PD25 with 500 lumens on one CR123A or 16340 battery. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum which is hard-anodized, waterproof and has a lifetime warranty. I cover this great light here.


Klarus XT2CA


Need more, here’s a light that can be used in home invasion type emergencies. This tactical unit, the Klarus XT2CR is specifically programmed to provide immediate momentary bright light at 1600 lumens, and a disabling strobe – two feature necessary to this type of situation. You can read more about this light here.


Klarus Mi7


Finally, want just a pocket every day carry light that is not only bright but also has strobe? The Klarus Mi7 which is covered in this article may just fit your needs. Don’t let its size fool you it boasts 700 lumens and fits into a jean key pocket.


Further Recommendations


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Become a knowledgeable buyer, you’re life, and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.


Always be prepared. Be well.