What is a tactical flashlight?   It’s important first to understand exactly what is a tactical light. There has been such a technological revolution with respect to these products, that you really need to understand what are the critical features. These are discussed in detail below. Secondly, you need to […]

  The history of military web belts   If you were ever in the military, you’ll recall, maybe with other than fond memories, the standard government issue belt. Now, I’m not talking about the cool tactical belts some got, I’m referring to those web canvas cotton belts with the brass […]

Premade kits are usually some marketer’s idea of nirvana.   Usually, however, they’re wrong. Here’s what you can do to develop a kit and workflow that cleans and lubricates any handgun you may own. Some basics   The number one concern with any handgun should be reliability. So what has […]

The problem – I need a keychain light?   Actually, when I say “keychain light”, I mean a flashlight that is designed for and fits on a key ring. It has to be small, and it would be nice if the light was stronger than my smartphone. Also, I don’t […]

What does it take to be judged “best overall EDC”?   It takes a lot to be judged “best overall EDC” particularly at a Shot Show – the competition is staggering. Klarus’s new titanium Mi1C does get the pick for Best Overall EDC Flashlight at the 2018 Shot Show for meeting […]

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