Outlite A100 Portable Ultra Bright LED Handheld Flashlight Review

Outlite A100 Portable Ultra Bright LED Handheld Flashlight

Outlite A100


There are different types of tactical lights. There are those mounted to the weapon, where the light beam is parallel to the bore, and there are the handheld ones. This kind of light acts as a non-lethal force that is tactically used to temporarily disorient or momentarily blind targets.

Generally, tactical lights contain features like shock resistance, lightweight design and powerful, long-lasting batteries. But if you want much more, then Outlite Portable Ultra Bright LED Handheld Flashlight is here to impress!




  • has an adjustable focus and circle floodlight to illuminate big areas
  • has an intense spotlight for long-range observation up to 600 feet
  • comes with great output and high-efficiency LED chip, as well as an extremely bright tac light
  • has an advanced design which is water-resistant and skid-proof, ideal for handheld flashlights
  • powered by one 18650 lithium-ion battery or three AAA batteries (both sold separately)
  • offers five light modes: three brightness levels, SOS function, and tactical security design



The Outlite Portable Ultra Bright LED Handheld Flashlight is simply the tac/handheld flashlight to watch out for! It has an easy and adjustable focus that can be used for various uses. Its circle floodlight can also be utilized for lighting up big areas.

It is proud of having the best output brightness, all thanks to its 18650 lithium-ion battery (or you can also use three AAA batteries as a power source). To add, its internal wiring provides the highly competent booster circuit while its working voltage is wide, so the batteries can be used to the largest extent.

If you happen to accidentally splash or pour water on it, no worries! Its waterproof design can come to the rescue and save the day. You just cannot put it directly int the water, though, so you just need to be careful.

There are also five modes for the light, including three brightness levels (low, middle and high), strobe and SOS. In addition, the durability and long life of a product is, of course, a huge plus for a customer; and that is what this flashlight can boast, given that it is made of high quality 6061T aluminum alloy. Surely, you can make use of it for a long time.

Now, here is good news. For its lamp base, it’s got high power LED containing a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or even more.

Therefore, you do not even have to think of replacing the cap ever, for the entire life! Further, its customer service puts its best foot forward by providing you with a 30-day money back warranty, together with a lifetime breakage replacement policy.



There were reports that the light of this product is so faint you could hardly tell if it is already turned on. That is, even if brand new batteries have been used.

Another concern lies with the batteries since some customers experienced that the battery fails to stay put, which causes the beam to only work after repeated adjustments.

Also, there seems to be an issue with the durability of this flashlight because it only lasted a few months before it broke down.

And if it weren’t already unfortunate, some did not even experience the flashlight working because they received the product as defective, so the blame is actually on the manufacturers, who may have overlooked some parts, or the distributors, who may have been somewhat careless in handling the product.



I'm sorry, despite all the hyperbole, this is the same flashlight with a different name than many of the other inexpensive flashlights being touted on the Internet.

I almost feel like I'm on a mission to illuminate my readers about tactical flashlights and I'm fighting a multitude of lesser known and lower quality lights.

Listen, if you are looking for a sock behind the dryer, this may be your light, but if you are at all using a light for protection or to identify an intruder, I implore you to look elsewhere.

Check out my posts on Selecting the Best Tactical Gear or the Best Affordable Tactical Flashlights.  I promise you won't be disappointed and you and your family will be in much better hands.

Also, check out my Recommended Gear page for more recommendations and reviews.

Become a knowledgeable buyer, you're life, and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.


Always be prepared. Be well.


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