One HD Gear

One HD Gear- Powerful 700 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight

One HD Gear

Warning – Don't buy this light.

Tactical lights have been developed as a reliable mean of identifying potential danger. Additionally, their strobe feature can disorient a predator and provide a degree of protection.  They are used by the military and first responders as an essential part of their everyday carry gear.

So what's wrong with the One HD Gear Powerful 700 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight? Well, to start with, it no longer exists. Many of these products are only names on cheap lights that other names share.

It's a cheap knockoff


We have all perceived the use of a tactical light as something important. We're interested in protecting our families and the correct use of a tactical light can be really helpful. So, there is a strong demand for these lights because of a perceived need to provide protection.

Enter the cost-effective alternative.

We've all been there. We want to buy smart. We want to stretch our budget. And $15 or so for a tactical flashlight seem like a great deal. Or, a deal too good to be true.

So how do you tell if a light is the real deal or a cheap knockoff?


First, price. You can actually purchase some really good lights anywhere from $30 on up. …but not $11 or $15. Sorry, they just don't exist.

Second, warranty. Really quality lights from Fenix, Klarus, Streamlight and Surefire etc., come with a lifetime warranty. The knockoffs, well, they don't come with a warranty or maybe a 90 days warranty.

Third, quality lights don't all look alike. Listen, look at some of these junk lights and you'll notice something interesting – they all look alike. In fact, the only thing different is their brand name.

Where do you go from here?


I want you to buy something that will last a lifetime and actually serve you well. I've researched and purchased a number of lights to ensure that I'm reviewing a quality product that I can recommend and feel good about.


Here are some articles that will lead you in the right direction. There are a number of products and you need to determine what your specific needs are first, but, you'll be moving in the right direction and the final result is that you'll end up with some that will help you and your family, not endanger you.

Here's how to select the best tactical gear.

Here's one of the best tactical lights for handgun illumination.

Here's an article on understanding the basics of tactical flashlights.

Check out my Recommended Gear page for more recommendations and reviews.


Become a knowledgeable buyer, you're life, and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.


Always be prepared. Be well.

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