A fly fisherman fishing in a river

Fly fishing the Platte River in Colorado

Colorado has some of the best fly fishing rivers in the U.S.

The Platte River, from Deckers to the Confluence of the South Platte is easily accessible and provides for some interesting opportunities.

What this location offers in accessibility, however, it lacks in size of fish. The really large trout are west of Deckers, in Cheesman Canyon.

Non the less, there’s a beauty on the Platte, especially in the Fall, which has to be seen to understand.

The images below were taken recently on the Platte River of fly fishermen working the river. It’s somewhat of a “where’s waldo” but the point of the image was to show the setting with a fly fishermen, not to shoot profiles of fly fishermen.

It also shows both a color and a black and white image. That may seem contradictory with the many and varied fall colors, but black and white has its own beauty.

The last image has a little surprise.


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