Eastshine T25 Tactical Flashlight

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Tactical flashlights are normally smaller than normal flashlights, probably because they are meant to be covert, given that they are meant for police, military and home defense use.

But even with their small size, they emit a significant amount of light.

They are also typically made of weapon-grade aluminum, to achieve great durability, and one great example is the Eastshine Tactical Flashlight.




  • includes the flashlight, lanyard, holster and O-ring
  • comes with a happy card, lifetime maintenance and 24-month warranty for customer service purposes
  • has a tactical tail switch for constant or momentary illumination as well as a side switch that has different modes
  • adjustable brightness levels for indoor, outdoor and gear, as well as auto-detect temperature
  • contains an anti-skid interface, switch indicator to show remaining battery power and one-handed operation
  • produces bright white light having 1000 lumens and 25,700cd intensity that can last 520 hours (don’t believe this)
  • the light beam can reach up to 350 yards


Do I recommend – NO!



Whoa. What’s going on here?

The Eastshine is a bit of an exception.

You may know, from reading the reviews on a number of cheap knock-offs that I’m not hesitant to call a spade a spade and recommend against purchasing a cheap light. Frankly, your safety and that of your family is worth more than the increased costs of a good light.

So what about the Eastshine?


First off, it comes nicely packaged, unlike some of the cheap lights and it looks different. You may know that many of the low-grade lights look like variations of two models.

It uses one 18650 battery without a plastic container. Has 4 light levels and a nice strobe. It even has a batter life indicator light.

So what’s wrong with it.

Well, the lifetime warranty. It would be nice if the company was still around to honor it. If you Google Eastshine.com, guess what? The domain name is for sale. You have to assume that the company is no longer around. So, no warranty and that’s a problem.




Listen, there are a number of companies that really produce quality lights and offer lifetime warranties. Now, I can’t promise that they’ll be around for a lifetime, but they’re at least around currently, which is a good start.



Where do you go from here? Here’s a great light that’s very similar and is a legit company – like the Klarus XT2CR.

So, what does the Klarus XT2CR bring to the table?

Actually a lot.

All the functions of the light are operated via the tail switch. In fact, there is a dual-switch configuration that gives you maximum control over the light functions.

A quick press and release of the tail button will turn on the light momentarily and will feature the brightest light level, a full 1600 lumens.

The on/off function of the tail switch simply operates on and off regarding the full 1600 lumens light. If you wanted to go through the 3 light levels, you would access them by turning the light on and pressing the secondary tail switch. So, all the light levels are there, but not inconveniently so.

At any point, while off, the secondary tail switch will instantly turn on the strobe. And the strobe available with this light is truly a disabling strobe. A momentary light and release with a quick press of the secondary switch also work reliably in initiating the strobe.

Bright? 1600 lumens is really bright and this light truly feels like a realistic 1600 lumens. So many just don’t live up to their lumen ratings but that’s not the case with the XT2CR.

The reputation of Klarus, their build quality and price point all point to a dependable tactical light. This is critical since you may be depending on this for your very life.




Tired of junk lights with nonexistent companies? Stick with know companies which offer quality tactical gear at reasonable prices.

Become a knowledgeable buyer, you’re life, and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.


Always be prepared. Be well.

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