A crash course on tactical flashlights In order to choose the best tactical flashlights for your needs, you need to know the basics. Manufacturers Purchase only from companies which are top quality legitimate manufacturers are listed in this guide. (You can check my post reviewing all these companies here.) The […]

How you dress in layers for fly fishing is different than layering for other outdoor activities. Although the concepts are the same, the applications are not. With fly fishing, you’re stationary in a frigid stream. Contrast this to carrying a backpack up a mountain trail or hiking through a meadow […]

Colorado has some of the best fly fishing rivers in the U.S. The Platte River, from Deckers to the Confluence of the South Platte is easily accessible and provides for some interesting opportunities. What this location offers in accessibility, however, it lacks in size of fish. The really large trout […]

Nonlethal personal security   Nonlethal self-defense has become more and more popular recently. Obviously, we live in a world where, unfortunately, to be protected, we need to be aware and prepared. There simply are too many bad guys running around. Many people have ethical issues with lethal self-protection methods. Others, […]

Going beyond the “cool” factor of tactical watches It’s no secret that tactical watches are popular, with both men and women. This article develops how watches are constructed, and what features and functions are available so you can truly choose the best tactical watch that meets your specific needs, without getting […]

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