How do you go about choosing the best tactical flashlight?   Selecting the best tactical flashlight is a process of understanding what the intended use will be, and matching that objective with the light’s characteristics, features, functions, quality, and cost.   They exist to provide a level of protection   […]

Two tactical flashlights for $21.99? How can you possibly beat that? I mean, what gives here? Isn’t this a little questionable? The Wsky LED Tactical Flashlight seems to be the same light as others under the names – Wsiiroon, GearLight, LuxPower, PeakPlus, “as seen on tv,” and a bunch of […]

Do you love hunting?   Or do you enjoy overnight excursions? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the MsForce Professional Water Resistant LED Flashlight Set may be the product that you have been searching for. This set can help you brighten any outdoor excursion quickly and […]

Tactical flashlights are normally smaller than normal flashlights, probably because they are meant to be covert, given that they are meant for police, military and home defense use. But even with their small size, they emit a significant amount of light. They are also typically made of weapon-grade aluminum, to […]

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