Handheld tactical light for handgun illumination What do you use for nighttime illumination when one hand is already occupied securing your handgun? We’ve already discussed using a gun mount lighting system but there are times when you want a separate light, or you may want light in addition to the gun […]

 According to Stein, “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Or, “things are what they are.”   Nothing is truer than of tactical gear, especially knives. We obviously understand that certain components make or break a knife. Certainly, the locking mechanism in a folding knife is critical. As is […]

Looking for a powerful light that fits in your key pocket?   The Klarus Mi7 Mini flashlight might be the answer to a mission to find just the right mini tactical flashlight for every day carry. One that fits into my jean key pocket, and yet offers enough power and […]

Warning – too many junk reviews are promoted on the Internet   One of the things you start to notice when reviewing on the Internet is that there are legitimate and illegitimate reviews. How do you tell the difference?   Most illegitimate reviews have the following characteristics (AKA “dead giveaways”):   All […]

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