Why mount a light on a long rifle?   I’ve already discussed in another article concerning weapon mounted lights that considering most home invasions occur in the nighttime and since one of the basic firearm safety rules state that you need to “be sure of your target” tactical lights are absolutely […]

Going beyond the “cool” factor of tactical watches It’s no secret that tactical watches are popular, with both men and women. This article develops how watches are constructed, and what features and functions are available so you can truly choose the best tactical watch that meets your specific needs, without getting […]

This is a story about American legacies. Three great companies that led the efforts to harness light. Sounds almost apocalyptic. In fact, however, these great companies, and others such as Cree, the inventor of LED lights, and John Goodenough, the inventor of Lithium batteries, converged in history to produce the tactical […]

Should you even consider a light for your handgun?   I ask because many don’t even consider this at all. Since handguns don’t come with a light, and in many situations, the gun has no real or easy provision for a light, many simply pass on this option. But should you? […]

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