Asben T6 High Powered Handheld Torch Review

Asben T6 High Powered Handheld Torch

Asben T6 Torch

Whether it’s simply for home use, or you want to venture out in the great outdoors, one of the things you always have to prioritize would most definitely be to make sure that the surroundings are well-illuminated.

This is most especially true in the outdoors, or emergency situations or in other places where natural lighting may be either poor or totally absent.

One of the ways for people to compensate for this is with the use of a Tactical Flashlight.

This post discusses the Asben T6 High Powered Handheld Torch.


Who’s this Handheld Torch for?


One of the priorities of TactBright is that I want to ensure you know what your getting…and, in many cases, what you're not getting.

Actually, if you don't buy this flashlight, that's alright. You see, I'm more concerned about a legitimate review than trying to sell a shoddy piece of gear.


So, let's begin.


Did I buy this light?  I did and all the other lights I review. So here's my take.



  • Construction – the Asben uses an aluminum alloy. It is not scratch resistant and easily scratches to reveal the silver metal under the black surface. Anodized aluminum, which quality brands utilize, does not display this characteristic fault.
  • Lumens – rated at 1000 lumens, the light is bright but I have lesser rated lights that are far brighter. Unfortunately, there are no federal agencies that rate lumen powers so manufacturers are free to state their own results.
  • Warranty – vs. a lifetime warranty which is offered by quality brands, the Asben offers a 90-day warranty.
  • Power – the Asben offers a 26650, and 18650 and 4 AAA with a plastic holder configuration. Although it's nice to have options, this is not optimal and quality brands do not have plastic holders which are easily lost.
  • Features – the zoomable feature is such a highly marketed option but realistically is virtually worthless. It is also very potential a compromise of any waterproofing.

So how can so many reviewer rave about this light?

I'm not certain. I surely don't mean to disparage those who legitimately own and like this flashlight. I think it's easy to conclude that pricing is one major factor. I mean a bright flashlight for $20 or so. How could you fault that?

Also, it does have some nice features – strobe, options for batteries. My conclusions are based on handling this light and comparing it to other lights I would highly recommend.



Let me give you some more information.

There are a number of uses for tactical lights. Your needs may be as simple as carrying a keychain or pocket light for assistance in your evening walks or to inspect some of the darker areas of your basement or attic. Not a problem, this is a nice to have piece of gear, but certainly not life dependent or critical.

Conversely, you may need to have a light to identify a home intruder along with your handgun. This obviously is a different need and one that is certainly more critical. In fact, it may be a matter of life or death.

So, if you want to just see what's in the dark corner of your attic, the Asben is your answer. Cheap, bright and reasonably reliable. Will it last forever? No. And, for $20 you wouldn't expect it to. Right?

Now, a light for identifying and potentially disabling a home intruder – that's a different story, and you absolutely need to ensure that you know what you're doing and that you're selecting the right piece of gear.

Unfortunately, it's not a $20 piece of gear. It is, however, something you can depend upon and something that will last a lifetime.

Want to learn more?

Here's a tactical flashlight that I would depend on with my safety when it comes to identifying a home intruder and protecting my family – the Klarus XT2CR. In fact, I do depend on this very light and you can read my review here.

Klarus XT2CR

Additionally, you might want to read my tips for selecting the best tactical gear. Finally, you may enjoy my post on the most affordable tactical flashlights.

Whatever you do, make sure you become an informed consumer. Tactbright offers a number of how to articles to give you the how to's, why's and what of tactical gear to help you prepare for uncertainties. We don't take a flippant, just buy this attitude, because we think you and your family are too important. We know they're important to you.

For Further Research


Check out my Recommended Gear page for more recommendations and reviews.


Become a knowledgeable buyer, you're life, and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it.


Always be prepared. Be well.



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