9 Best Products for Every Day Carry (3 basic must haves)

3 mini tactical lights

 What are the 9 best available everyday carry products?


I’ve concluded, and have previously discussed, that the three most common every day carry pieces of tactical gear are a knife, a flashlight, and a watch. It sounds so basic but the fact remains that these three items are common with many would otherwise never even think in terms of everyday carry (EDC).

So, let’s look at the best available recommendations.


Everyday carry knives


CPM S110V and the Spyderco ParaMilitary



Considered by many to be the ultimate in edge retention. More than adequate in corrosion resistance, even if the ability to sharpen is difficult. This, however, is the tradeoff one deals with when owning a knife with super edge retention. The quality of the Spyderco ParaMilitary is excellent and carries a lifetime warranty. This is like the Military, only in a slightly more compact size. The blade is opened with the opening in the steel blade, while a clip on the back is pressed to retract it.

The S110V steel on this knife is amazing at cutting virtually anything handed to it. It is truly a first choice type of everyday carry knife that will serve anyone well.

Hey, this is Spyderco’s answer to the question, “If your son were going into the military, what folding knife would you send him with?” That’s pretty impressive. What more can you say?


CPM S90V and the Benchmade 940-1 Reverse Tanto



The S90V is only slightly less corrosive resistant and holds an edge almost as good as the S110V above. Again, it is definitely harder to sharpen but worth the efforts. The Benchmade 940-1 is an excellent EDC knife and has an excellent carbon fiber handle. Like the Spyderco, the Benchmade carries a lifetime warranty.

What I like specifically about the 940 and Benchmade is the Axis locking system. Not only is it safe and secure but it is easy to open and close without touching the blade itself. Additionally, the carbon fiber handle is especially nice both to handle and to view.


154CM and the Benchmade Griptilian 556



The 154CM is relatively hard steel which achieved superior edge retention and excellent levels of corrosion resistance and toughness. It’s also much easier to sharpen than many of the other super steels. The Benchmade Griptilian 556 has become an extremely popular EDC with a great price point and an almost perfect size.

What is particularly nice about the 556 is it’s size and price point. Again, it retains the AXIS locking system and the glass-filled nylon handle is secure and comfortable. The 556 is a great knife.

You can check out my YouTube Video on two of these knives here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7dEQUzTk-E[/embedyt]


EDC Tactical Flashlights


The Titan Plus from SureFire



Know of any single AAA battery flashlight that generates 300 lumens and fits in your jean’s key pocket. Enter the SureFire Titan Plus which is virtually indestructible and constructed of nickel-plated brass. This light is easy to carry and almost forget. It is small yet anything but a lightweight contender. The Titan is a twist on and off light with three levels of brightness – 300, 75 and 15 lumens while using either an AAA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery.

This is not an inexpensive light but the 300 lumens on this unit is so much brighter than other lights that you begin to wonder, who is measuring lumens? Like all of the products in this post, the Titan has a lifetime warranty. It is, in fact, a lifetime product.



The Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA



One AA battery producing 350 lumens vs. the one AAA battery on the Surefire Titan plus may appear to be a mismatch but the difference between 350 and 700 is not necessarily what it may sound like. The ProTac has a tail button vs. the twist mechanism and is actually a nice size for everyday carry. The clip on the ProTac is constructed to accommodate clipping onto a baseball cap – not a bad option.

Streamlight is a great manufacturer, which has been in the tactical flashlight business for years and is a very respectable option. It also has the ability to accommodate reprogramming for different light levels – something not commonly available.


The Klarus Mi7



The Mi7 doesn’t have a tail switch and operates with a side button that can be aligned with the clip to facilitate locating. From an off position, pressing the button for a few seconds turns on the moonlight mode. Again, from an off position, one press turns the light on high, a second press turns the light on low. Yet a third press turns the light off. From any position, on or off, a double press turns on the strobe and double-click again press turns on the SOS. Very convenient.

Constructed of aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy, (and titanium for the Mi7 T (as pictured above)) with a coated mineral lens hardened for scratch resistance.  The overall length is only 3.43 inches and weighs .93 oz without a battery. You should note that the Titanium version actually is heavier – weighing in at 1.41 oz.  Of course, the light is waterproof under IPX8 (2 meters.)

Actually, the Mi7 is an absolutely phenomenal choice, which has options simply not available on other platforms.


Everyday carry Watches



The Traser H3 Men’s Professional

The Traser Professional is definitely a step up with not that much of a price increase. For the additional cost over the Luminox, you get a Ronda Quartz movement, really well regarded, a polyurethane and stainless steel case, screw down crown, and even a sapphire crystal. All the features of a higher-end watch at a reasonable price. Again, this is not a throwaway and will last a lifetime. As with the Luminox, the luminescent treatment on the Traser is outstanding.


The Ball Fireman Automatic

The Ball is distinctly a step up both in price and quality. Here the movement is automatic, and, like the Traser, includes a stainless steel case, screw-down crown, and a sapphire crystal. So why the price difference. Essentially, the movement – automatic is more expensive than most quartz movements. This is personal preference but again, a keeper that you can pass down to your kids. Finally, although the luminescent treatments on the Luminox and Traser are outstanding, the Ball’s treatment is at an even higher level.


The Luminox 3003 Original Navy Seal Dive Watch

Luminox comes in at a great price point and has a Swiss quartz movement with polyurethane band and case. The crown pops down vs. screws, but the watch is rated as water-resistant to 660 feet. Luminox has been around for years and produces a quality product that is great for outdoor use. The crystal is mineral but all in all, a great watch at an affordable price. Definitely not a throwaway. The luminescent treatment of this watch is excellent.


I discuss more about watch construction and what to look for in my Pure Analog article on this site here.




The 9 everyday carry items highlighted in this post are the best of the best. I have purchased and used all of them and they are the final results after purchasing and reviewing countless other options. I highly recommend that you review some of the other posts on this site and continue to learn to be an informed consumer. In the end, you and your loved ones, are the ones who are best served by making the best selection.


Best wishes.



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