2018 Shot Show Best Overall EDC Flashlight

Klarus Mi1C TI

What does it take to be judged “best overall EDC”?


It takes a lot to be judged “best overall EDC” particularly at a Shot Show – the competition is staggering. Klarus’s new titanium Mi1C does get the pick for Best Overall EDC Flashlight at the 2018 Shot Show for meeting all three qualifications – versatility, power, and portability.

The original Mi1C is an excellent recommendation as an all-rounder EDC light, but its convex lens created an even flood beam that limited its usefulness to more up-close work. The newer titanium version not only gets a material upgrade in the body, but it also sports more conventional optics for a properly focused hotspot in its beam profile. It gives the light some extra range and makes better use of its 600-lumen max output.

The Mi1C also pushes the limits of portability for a 1×123 light. It’s just 2.15” long (about the size of your thumb) and barely bigger than the battery that powers it. Which, by the way, conveniently features an integrated micro-USB recharging port. It’s the small details like that, the magnetic tail cap, the pocket clip, useful output levels, long runtimes, and intelligent side switch that make the Klarus Mi1C Ti worthy of the title.

This is one of the few lights that inserts the battery backward. You heard that correctly, the positive side of the battery goes to the back. As mentioned, it also sports a convenient magnetic tail. Additionally, although there is a built-in lock-out, the side button is such that inadvertently turning on the light in your pocket is minimal.

Like it’s larger cousin, the Mi7 (reviewed on this site), the Mi1C fits perfectly in a jean key pocket. In other words, it’s definitely a very convenient everyday carry tactical light.

The Mi1C has 4 light levels moonlight at 1 lumens for 6 days to low, medium and high at 600 lumens for 72 minutes. It also has a strobe, initiated by 2 quick presses when on or off, and the typical battery level, initiated by 3 quick presses when off (followed by 3 lights with over 70%, 2 lights for 30% to 70% and one light for 30% or less). On and off is an extended press with the 4 light levels accessed by 1 click through the levels.

The high level does get a bit warm but there is an intelligent temperature protection system (ITS) to regulate heat dissipation and protect the LED and internal components. Even with the extended use of the highest light output, the unit did not get too hot.

At less than an ounce (0.95) the titanium version is slightly beefier than its nontitanium counterpart and is only 2.15 inches long. It uses either a CR123A or rechargeable Li-ion 16340 batters (included) and meets the IPX8 waterproof status (underwater 2 meters) and comes with a removable clip.

The titanium Mi1C has much to offer, not the least is its diminutive size, powerful light output and tactical features like instant strobe which are just not usually available on such a portable everyday carry unit.

Without hesitation, this is a light that everyone should consider as their EDC.

What seems to be really interesting is the rapid growth of features and benefits that some of these tactical light companies, like Klarus, are producing. In a few short years, the tactical features have exploded. It will be fun to see what comes up next year.

Be well, be safe.

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