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80 best Tactical Flashlights to own now (the Definitive Guide)

Here's a guide to 80 or so of the best tactical flashlights available. How do I know? Because they're made by the best tactical flashlight companies in the world. Companies that specialize in top tactical gear. To make it easy for you, I developed a table so you can rank by length, weight, lumens, cost, battery, etc., and explore further details on Amazon. Additionally, you can sort or search by intended use – penlight,

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TactBright Tactical Flashlight Finder

Search or Sort for your flashlight needs. Links under "Model" are to Tactbright Reviews. Price links are to Amazon (note: prices change often.) The "*" in Notes refer to similar models of questionable quality - check the review before you buy.
MakeModelLength "Weight ozLumensStrbBatteryAmazonNotes
KlarusMi1C2.150.95600yCR123A 1634069.95
KlarusMi73.430.93700yAA 1450029.95
KlarusXT1A4.202.171000yAA 1450049.95
StreamlightTLR-1 HL3.394.18800yCR123A119.95rail mount
SureFireM6005.504.801000nCR123A284.00rail mount
StreamlightProTac Rail 25.436.401000yCR123A 18650106.89rail mount
MagliteML300LX11.7526.40625n3-D Cell43.76
StreamlightProTac HL-X5.405.60750yCR123A60.75
StreamlightPolyTac X5.465.60600yCR123A 1865046.64
SurefireG2X Pro5.204.48320nCR123A80.78
SurefireTitan Plus4.002.82300yAAA80.99
StreamlightProTac 1L4.252.50300yCR123A AA39.99
FenixPD253.701.70550yCR123A 1634057.45
NitecoreMT10A4.252.14920yAA 1450049.00
FenixPD355.403.101000yCR123A 1865080.51
WskyS20005.1010.40N/AyAAA 1865014.79*
ElitePro 300N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A*
UolineUOL-025.1010.401000yAAA 186507.98*
NitecoreHC903.394.59900yCR123A 18650129.95headlamp